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About Us

One of Australasian engineering’s most accredited companies

Calbah is one of the most accredited firms in the engineering sector. We use these accreditations to continually drive our quality and expertise forward and give clients additional peace of mind.

Establish 30 years ago in Melbourne, Calbah is design, engineering and specialist fabrication personified. At the core of the business lies a team of dedicated engineering professionals, led by Chester Baker. They share a deep passion to ensure every product is designed and manufactured to deliver outstanding performance.

Calbah’s design expertise with its 3D prototyping is supplemented by detailed knowledge of fabrication in various steel, aluminium and exotic alloys to ensure the best outcomes for its clients - no matter how tough the operating environment is.

Calbah’s push for quality and operational excellence led it to design and build its own stunning factory in Melbourne. The purpose-built facility is a model of the precision, environmental sustainability and sophistication that Calbah brings to every job it undertakes – big or small. Calbah designs are also being built in high-tech Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Calbah Offer:

  • ISO approved Project Management both on and offshore.
  • Practical concept design through commissioning.
  • Design optimising/Drawing interrogation.
  • FEA, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical, Heavy Fabrication and Spooling.
  • Vast experience in specialised projects, Subsea, Tunnelling, Mining and Rail.
  • Huge design office and modern facility with highly capable engineers providing inhouse calculations and manufacture data records (MDR) against projects for the highest requirements.
  • 40t cranes, 10m under hook. DNV, ASME, AWS D1.1, AS1554, AS1210… more certifications as required.


History of Calbah

Managing Director, Chester Baker founded Calbah in 1996 as a specialist design, engineering and steel fabrication workshop. Since then, Calbah has developed into a business which enjoys an industry wide reputation for high quality workmanship in all metals. 

What We Do

We can build to your specifications and drawings or our innovative design team can design and engineer your product for you. We will work with you; from conception to finished product. 

This is what you can expect:

  • We will develop designs based on your specifications or your own drawings.
  • We will turn the design concepts into detailed 3D CAD models
  • We will then turn those 3D models into (quality controlled) fabricated and welded products.

We have a wide range of machinery in our one-stop fabrication shop, including: 

  • large and small milling machines
  • lathe
  • NC (Digital Control) brake press
  • punches
  • croppers and profile cutter
  • turret punching
  • heavy thickness guillotine
  • and more…

We can also design special purpose machinery or equipment for your engineering project. Ask us about our competitive rates.

For more information on what we do see our Skills & Capabilities page. Aluminium and Steel Fabrication and Engineering are our specialty, come visit us today in Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria.